Founded Bharathi Charitable Trust

Settled down in the native village, has undertaken the following service Founded a trust by name Bharathi Charitable Trust to serve the deserving poor in the village. The trust’s activities include the following 1. Providing nutritious boiled gram (Sundal) to 150 school children (SC) studying in local Panchayat Union Elementary school every day in the morning. Most of the children..Read More

State Project Director, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

Until the date of Superannuation from Government service, served as State Project Director, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (an Universal Elementary Education Project, Tamil Nadu. During this period he helped the transformation of all the 37486 schools in TN as activity based with a new methodology ABL. Also facilitated evolving a new methodology Active Learning Methodology (ALM) for upper Primary and Secondary..Read More

Commissioner of Municipal Corporation of  Chennai

Served as Commissioner of Municipal Corporation of Chennai for three and half years which was the second longest serving term then for any Commissioner in 300 years of Chennai Municipal Corporation’s History. The results in the Family welfare department after he took is in the table below. Other achievements include • During 2005-06 he introduced cervical cancer screening using VIA..Read More

Director of Maternal and Child Health and Reproductive Health and Project Director of Danish Health Project DANIDA

As Director of Maternal and Child Health and Reproductive Health and Project Director of Danish Health Project DANIDA improved the working of Primary Health centres Taluk Hospitals in delivery of better MCH services, achieved the highest number of sterilisation surgeries in any year so far, initiated steps to formulate the Health System Project with the help of World Bank

Registrar of Cooperative societies

As Registrar of Cooperative societies stream lined the purchase processes for procuring materials for super market, trained all the Primary Cooperative societies’ Secretaries on credit management, revamped the PDS by refurbishing the 16000 FairPrice shops, improved the functioning of Marketing Societies

Deputy Secretary and Additional Secretary of Primary Education

Took keen interest in Primary education and Teacher Education, as Deputy Secretary and Additional Secretary, took many initiatives to reform Primary Education and Teacher Education. Formed separated cadre of teacher educators by delinking it from School Education Directorate, developed new curriculum for Teacher education Diploma after 20 years, arranged for training of new Teacher Educators by getting resource from best..Read More

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