Bharathi Charitable Trust was founded by Dr. Vijayakumar during  the year 2011 to serve the local community. He is the Chairman of the Trust. The activities include the following.

  1. Provides  nutritious boiled gram (Sundal) to 150 school children studying in local Panchayat Union Elementary school every day in the morning. Most of the children come fasting to school as their parents being agricultural labourers  had to leave the house about 6 AM every morning with no time to take care of their children This costs about Rs 7000 to7500 per month and being done for about 10 years.
  2. Along with other Trust provides full financial assistance to  60 girls every year to pursue their higher studies by meeting their tuition fees payable to the colleges. The intention is that no deserving girl after completing Higher Secondary education drops out for want of financial help. Girls from BPL families and with single parents are targeted for help
  3. Adopted the local 50 bedded government hospital and maintained it for five years by completely looking after the sanitary and conservancy work by spending about Rs 7000 every month.Adopted the local burial ground for five years and maintained it.
  4. There are several girls/women in the  village who are underprivileged, marginalised and completely deprived without any option for livelihood. Many of them have finished their HS examination and some are even graduates. Being dependent on their parents who are mostly daily wage earners have a precarious living. There are few deserted young women, some have marital issues with their husbands also.

A vocational training center has been started to impart skill training to these deserving helpless girls/women and empower them. The trust also will find suitable placement after the training.

Training was offered in three trades: Tailoring, Computer, and Beautician. About 15 trainees underwent training in each trade. The necessary infrastructure was created. Computers worth about Rs 2 Lakhs were bought and provided. Additionally, 10 sewing machines worth about Rs 2.5 lakhs were procured, along with required furniture, and a premise was hired. All the trainings were offered free of cost. About Rs 30,000 was spent every month on the salary for the instructors, rent, and electricity charges.

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